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Sparkle Online Music Lessons

Did you know that we have been teaching online music lessons for over a decade? We have taught students from all of the world including places such as Australia, Hong Kong, London, Wales and South Africa. Some of our online students we have taught from complete beginners and we have taught right up to them achieving grade 8 and music diplomas. Online lessons are brilliant as all you need is a device with a web cam such as a phone, tablet, or laptop and then to download free skype, FaceTime or zoom software. Weekly lessons are then as easy as in person lessons. Online lessons can also be particalry useful for students who get home from work late or have busy lives and don't have the time to travel for lessons. They can simply turn on their device and sit down ready for their lesson.

We have also been teaching music theory online and we were very excited when Abrsm brought out the new online theory exams. With the help of our live online whiteboard and normal webcam, students can now see us writing live in front on them and so teaching theory is as though we are writing in front of them with a piece of paper and pen. Online theory lessons have been so successful that we have had 100 perfect success rate for all of our theory students taking the Abrsm grade 5 online theory exam with all of them being taught solely online!

We love teaching all of our students are we are so pleased that we can carry on teaching students who move to different areas and that we have the chance to teach students we wouldn't normally be able to due to distance. If you would like more information or would like to try a lesson do let us know or comment on this post! Please feel free to share for anyone who you think might be interested. Happy playing everyone!

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