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Sparkle Studios Guitar, Drum, Keyboard, Piano, Flute, GCSE and ALevel Lessons in Coningsby, Tattershall, Woodhall Spa, Horncastle, Kirkby On Bain, Boston, Louth, Skegness, Anwick, Billinghay, Gipsey Bridge, Newyork, North Kime, Langrick, Mareham, Lincoln, Methringham, Boston, Spilsby, New York, Martin, Methringham, Sleaford, Ruskington and Bourne.

Sparkle Studios pIano Lessons in Coningsby, Tattershall, Woodhall Spa, Horncastle, Kirkby On Bain, Boston, Louth, Skegness, Anwick, Billinghay, Gipsey Bridge, Newyork, North Kime, LAngrick, Mareham, Lincoln, Methringham and Bourne.

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Professional UK Music teaching studio based in Coningsby, Lincolnshire

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Flute Lessons

Helen teaches Flute lessons.  For more advanced students she also teaches piccolo and electric flute.  As well as learning all of the notes, students learn theory at the same time, and if they want to do exams they can take ABRSM grades.


 Helen also teaches using song that students like, teaching them how to play with the piano and also to backing tracks in case they want to play in an orchestra or band.   Helen teaches studio flute lessons as well as online skype flute lessons.


Helen has had much experience playing on stage and looks to build confidence, as many of her students now perform in orchestras themselves.

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Lesson Prices:-


£12 for half an hour


£24 for 1 hour


one to one tuition

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Skype online flute lessons are taught by Helen.  She teaches online skype flute lessons to students all over the world and any time of day.  skype online flute lessons are useful for people with busy lives as they don't have to spend time travelling to lessons.  skype online flute lessons are also good because you can warm up before your lessons.  Also in cases of really bad weather, having online skype flute lessons means you can still have your lesson and not worry about travelling.  Helen also teaches abrsm exams via online skype music lessons.  All of the online skype flute lessons are indiviually tailered per student.  We also take on beginners and advanced studnets for online skype flute lessons.  To enquire about online skype flute lessons please fill in our online lesson enquiry or feel to phone us.

Lesson Enquiry

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