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Missing all of our in person students during lockdown but grateful for skype!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We are feeling a little emotional tonight. We are fortunate to teach many students online from all of over world, and some we may never see in person, but they are still part of our family and we think so much of them. Other students though we are used to seeing in person and tonight we saw one of you from the end of our drive, which made us so happy! We wish we could see you all! It also made us so emotional as we haven’t seen any of our in person students for so long now! Sad because we are missing seeing you, grateful though that we are seeing you online and so happy that with a vaccine and hope that very soon we will be back to normal! We are missing seeing you, but it shouldn’t be long now! We are loving seeing you all online and thank you all for practicing so hard, we love logging on and seeing all of your smiling faces. Sending out lots of love tonight to our sparkle family ❤️ #sparklefamily #sparklemusic #musicbringsustogether #lookingto2021

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