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Violin Lessons

Lesson Price

£14 per half an hour

Lesson length

30 mins or 60 mins

About the lessons

Violin lessons are taught by John. He teaches electric and acoustic Violin. Adults, and children, Beginners, and ABRSM exams.

Whatever style of music you are into John will teach you by tailoring your tuition so that you play whatever interests you from classical to Bon Jovi! He does, of course, ensure that you learn how to read Violin music and also important music theory.

By being young himself, he provides inspiration for the younger students, and if they do well in lessons, they receive rewards for encouragement.

John also makes use of all of the studio equipment by teaching his violinists about the equipment and how to use it. They therefore not only learn acoustically but also learn how to play with a band or with backing tracks, therefore setting them in good stead for future musical life. John teaches studio violin lessons as well as online skype violin lessons.

John is extremely proud of all of his violin students who are a valuable part of the Sparkle musical family.

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